Google Ads Pay Per Click

We focus on your leads, so you can focus on your customers.

PPC is an abbreviation for pay per click. It refers to a situation where advertisers pay a fee to the publisher e.g Google for each click that is performed by a visitor on the advert.


At lbv marketing, we know how to create and optimize Google PPC ads for conversions to ensure that your company gets more business from your budget. We first get to know your company and your business to pinpoint where potential customers may visit and how to encourage them to visit your site and to engage with your services. If you have a PPC strategy in place, we will work with you to enhance what you already have in place and to maximize business. One of the main factors is to ensure that any money spent on keywords is money well spent. We will identify the best keywords for your business and monitor how well these keywords are working. We may use Ad Extensions and Shopping Ads to add weight to your campaign and ultimately to try and increase relevant measurable traffic to your site.


Outsourcing your PPC Management to a professional can save you a huge amount of time, time that could be spent developing your business using your professional expertise. Our PPC Managers will use their expertise to increase the flow of traffic to your site and ensure that it converts to business to the best of their ability. One of their most important functions will be producing regular reports which indicate how successful your PPC advertising is and offering suggestions as to how your conversion rate can be improved. You have a professional working behind the scenes of your site who is constantly monitoring your advertising success, and permanently coming up with ways to increase traffic and business.

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