Google Ads

Google Ads Pay Per Click

A billion searches occur every second on Google, and most search results pages contain Google ads paid for by businesses. Google Ads is an effective way of driving relevant, qualified traffic to your website exactly when people are searching for the types of products or services your business offers. That is, Google Ads allows you to show your ads to the right people, in the right place, and at the right time.

Our Results-Driven Approach

In lieu of cookie-cutter strategies, our Google Ads Experts takes the time to learn more about each client's unique advertising needs and goals. Each of our clients receives a customized Google Ads strategy built around cutting-edge advertising tools, experience, and industry-specific expertise.
Our effective and actionable strategy can be broken down into the following steps.


Onboarding a new client is an important process to us, that involves setting expectations and establishing trust from the beginning. The initial step is to sign the terms of service agreement which outlines the scope, deliverables, and payment terms.


Using historical data, we uncover insights into Industry Trends. We do keyword research to find the best performing keywords.

Ads Content Creation

We write engaging Google ads copies based on the insights collected. To engage your target audience, we use high-quality images and concept illustrations and we set up landing pages designed to convert.

Campaign Setup

We set up a Google Ads account structure that allows for the best analysis. For generating marketing data, we install conversion tracking tag. We use Google Tag Manager to install and manage all web tracking tags

Campaign Optimization

Upon launching your ads, we monitor their performance and make adjustments. We keep up with new insights and implement new strategies to minimize errors, make important correlations for future campaigns.

Comprehensive Reporting

We deliver great results, not just promise them. We provide progress reports on a regular basis, so you know exactly how your business is doing.


Outsourcing your PPC Management to a professional can save you a huge amount of time, time that could be spent developing your business using your professional expertise. Our PPC Managers will use their expertise to increase the flow of traffic to your site and ensure that it converts to business to the best of their ability. One of their most important functions will be producing regular reports which indicate how successful your PPC advertising is and offering suggestions as to how your conversion rate can be improved. You'll have a professional monitoring your advertising success, and constantly coming up with new ways to leverage your business.

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